As with every brand, all it's baggage and how closely they follow their audience, it's clear they understand that their lifestyle show they're LOUD, and we didn't wanna leave anything that is part of that style out of this project. LOUD's expansion into skateboarding strengthens their identity as a brand that so closely touches many different areas of entertainment, urban culture and style. Breaking barriers and innovating in content is meant to turn the brand into an important part of their fans daily life.

Shot on ARRI Alexa Mini and Cooke Anamorphic Lenses.

Creative Director: Fill Oliveira, Jay Braga
Director of Photography: Bruno Maia, Jay Braga
Illustration: Roberta Gomes
Camera Op.: Bruno Maia, Matheus Matsumoto
Color Grading: Jay Braga
VFX:  Bruno Maia, Gabriel Machado, Vitor Oliani
SFX: Vitor Oliani


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